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Louis Omer-Decugis

The Omer-Decugis & Cie Group Corporate Foundation

Foundation mission

“Take action for balanced development and agriculture that respects local communities and people”

Fondation Louis Omer-Decugis - Santé et Inclusion

“Since its creation in 2014, the Foundation has supported 23 projects in 9 countries and on 3 continents.”

Projects supported
in 2021

Fondation Louis Omer-Decugis - Frais de scolarité de jeunes orphelins

“Funding of schooling for 3 young children”

Mali - Since 2016

Fondation Louis Omer-Decugis - Ecole en Equateur

“Giving access to new technologies to the children of my Province of Santo Domingo in Ecuador thanks to the creation of an equipped computer room”.

Ecuador - 2021

Fondation Louis Omer-Decugis - Cancer des enfants en Afrique

“Providing medicines to sick children in Africa”

Countries in Africa - Since 2014