Creation of a computer room in a school in Ecuador


Lancée en 2020


The Ecuadorian Ministry of Education
The San Jacinto del Bua School

Target country


Amount of funding


Fondation Louis Omer-Decugis - Création salle informatique Equateur
Fondation Louis Omer-Decugis - Création salle informatique Equateur
Fondation Louis Omer-Decugis - Création salle informatique Equateur

Project description


The Louis Omer-Decugis Foundation wanted to develop a general interest project linked to the Group’s activities in Ecuador and for the direct benefit of its main local stakeholders: the Terrasol pineapple workers. Following a field and needs study in Santo Domingo in 2020, it became clear that improving the learning conditions of children of agricultural workers was a priority issue that had become increasingly important since the Covid-19 pandemic crisis. This issue is closely linked to the development of technology in schools. For many children in rural areas of Ecuador, computers are not used for the first time until after the age of 14, and for many others, it never happens. In addition, the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 highlighted the deep inequalities that can exist in Ecuadorian society, where thousands of students were forced to interrupt their studies because they did not have the adequate means to continue them at a distance.

Moreover, this large school (1,500 pupils of all ages, 62 teachers) had the necessary guarantees for the smooth running of the project and, in particular, the capacity to manage a computer room, since it already had two in operation but none for young primary children (ages 3-11).

By financing the creation of a computer room equipped with cutting-edge technology in a primary school, the Louis Omer-Decugis Foundation hopes not only to enable its pupils to develop technological skills useful in the short term for their schooling, but also in the longer term, when they enter the job market. Moreover, educating children from an early age about responsible use of technology prepares them to become responsible digital citizens.

The computer room will be opened in July 2021 and available during the pandemic period for groups of students in remedial learning. It will then be used by primary school classes and their teachers on a regular basis. At the inauguration of the computer room, Fernando Barahona, the school’s director, said: “The donation from the LOD Foundation will greatly benefit the children in our school. Many of them have never had access to a computer, and for the first time, they will be able to touch and interact with this technology. For them, this will be the greatest joy in the world.”

The TAP project was supported by local representatives, who also actively participated in its implementation:

  • The school’s parents and teachers cleaned and painted the room provided for the project (an old warehouse) to make it a computer room;
  • The Ministry of Education took care of Internet installation in the room;
  • The school paid for the installation of cameras to ensure the security of the room.

Actions taken in 2021


21 computers, an interactive projector as well as audio, video and broadband connectivity equipment.
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Présentation video


To ensure the proper use of the computer room, a training programme entitled “Classroom management when using technology and educational technology in the classroom” was provided for the school’s teaching staff.

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