The Louis Omer-Decugis Foundation supported the Covid-19 vaccination brigades covering the pineapple-producing communities of Santo Domingo province, Ecuador

Fondation Louis Omer-Decugis - Vaccination Equateur

During the summer of 2021, the Louis Omer-Decugis Foundation, in coordination with the associated producers of SIIM and the Ecuadorian association of pineapple exporters, participated in the organization and financing of a major vaccination campaign in destination for Terrasol SA agricultural workers, their families and neighboring communities, in the province of Santo Domingo

Established as a national priority by the Ecuadorian government, the vaccination of the entire population against covid-19 requires the active involvement of the private sector in support of public authorities, particularly in rural areas where logistical means are insufficient. It is in this context that the Louis Omer-Decugis Foundation intervened by financing the purchase of 10,000 syringes and 60% of the certificates necessary for the organization of a vaccination campaign in the 8 farms producing the Terrasol d’pineapple. Ecuador from SIIM.

In total, the campaign, led by a team of doctors and nurses commissioned by the Ministry of Public Health, will have enabled the vaccination of 3,000 people with the vaccine from the Pfizer laboratory.

Fondation Louis Omer-Decugis - Vaccination Equateur


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